Featured Event

US-China Series Mobility 2.0: The Quest for Supremacy

July 23, 2020 | 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM (EDT)

A half-day conference with panels on electric and autonomous vehicles, connectivity and urban mobility.

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Other Upcoming SupChina Events

Halfway there: A 2020 update with Kaiser and Jeremy | July 8, 2020

Join Kaiser and Jeremy for a Zoom call-in show to recap how much China and its relationship with the world have changed in 2020

Aesthetic Intelligence: The Key to Transforming Your Business in the Post-Pandemic Era with Pauline Brown

| July 15, 2020

A longtime leader in luxury goods and former Chairman of LVMH North America, Pauline Brown is renowned for acquiring, building, and leading some of the world’s most influential brands. On July 15, she will share her experience in helping make LVMH the most preferred luxury brand in China and the key to transforming your business in the post-pandemic era.

The Phase 1 Virtual Trade Show

| August, 2020

If you’re an American based company with products and services that falls within Phase One Trade Deal categories, please feel free to apply for the chance to participate in our virtual tradeshow connecting U.S. businesses to Chinese buyers and brokers.

The SupChina Women’s Conference| September 9-10, 2020

The SupChina Women’s Conference brings together thought leaders and visionaries for an open dialogue about the continuing empowerment of women in Chinese industry, technology, culture and politics —  and how they will continue to transform China’s impact on the world in the new decade.

Upcoming SupChina Partners’ Events

A China Institute Event: Pieces of China: Episode 6: Bohan Phoenix| July 9, 2020

Pieces of China is an online series that tells the story of China, one object at a time.Bohan Phoenix is a Hubei-born, Brooklyn-raised bilingual rapper. His music reflects his multi-hyphenate identity and bridges the two cultures he calls home. Bohan has been heralded as one of Asia’s most exciting emerging artists, with collaborations ranging from China’s #1 female rapper, Vava, to UK radio presenter Benji B and Chengdu supergroup Higher Brothers.

A U.S. China Heartland Association Event: The Importance of Developing Future Leaders| July 14, 2020

Our world needs more leaders who understand the value of peace through trust, friendship, and mutual understanding. In this joint web event with our partner, International Student Conferences, Inc., we will join a panel of former and current diplomats, governmental officials, and international educational exchange experts to explore the urgency and importance of investing in and developing future global leaders.

Investor Webinar: Post-COVID China – digital and consumption trends | July 16, 2020

Are you interested in understanding the impact of Covid-19 on digital and consumption trends in China, and in thinking about how those learnings may translate across borders as well as help predict our own path to recovery here in the West? In this webinar curated for investors but open to all Tech Buzz community members, we’ll talk to two experts whose work has them immersed in this very topic.

A China Institute Event: Pieces of China: Episode 7: Lucas Sin | July 16, 2020

Lift the lid off of a Chinese clay pot, with Chef Lucas Sin, Head of Culinary Arts at Junzi Kitchen, a fast casual restaurant chain.  Called “Shāguō” 砂锅 in mainland China, or “Wǎ bāo” 瓦煲 in Hong Kong, Chinese clay pots are believed to be one of the oldest earthen cooking vessels in the world. Most Chinese household have at least one of these classic cooking implements — a workhorse in the kitchen that can be used to make soups, stews, or simple rice and noodle dishes, such as clay pot rice, or bao zai fan 煲仔飯.

Virtual Happy Hour: State of SAAS in China

| July 21, 2020

How does a founder go about designing and selling software to SMBs and other non-tech businesses, especially in the landscape of China’s nascent B2B industry? How do local sales best practices compare with those in the West, and where is China’s enterprise sector headed? Tech Buzz China listeners, you asked for an event on this topic (which we haven’t covered much on the podcast), and here it is! 

A CKGSB online summer course; : Retail to China Without Being There | July 13 – August 13, 2020

This new 5-week online program, launching July 13, 2020, includes live access to the leading academics and practitioners in the field on global retail, focusing on China.

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